Details for Error code E49/0301

MFG-Mode: Gateway Connect/ NAND Currupt/Blank

5 red lights

Primary Error code:2 Red & 2 Green Lights alternating 2 Red & 2 Green Lights alternating
E-Code / Secondary Error code:E49 / 0301
Binary/Hex:00110001 / 0x31 -> 49
Known fixes:

1) Replace the RF board
2) Reflow the Southbridge
3) Restore the NAND content using Xell and the JTAG hack

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This error is caused by a faulty RF board and is indicated by 2 green and 2 red lights which swap every few seconds.
It shows that when the console is in manufacturing mode as well, there are rumors that Microsoft does that to modded consoles that were sent in for repairs.
So it can also occur after an improper NAND update.
When the Ethernet cable is connected it also shows E49 on the screen which means that it couldnt connect to the gateway server in the factory.
The specific description is: Mfgbootlauncher can not connect to the gateway.

Herbi3221: This Error Seems To Occur When The NAND Is Corrupt Or Possibly Blank. Tends To Show 2 Red And Green Alternating Lights Before The One Red Light (Single Red Light Takes About 6 Minutes To Show Up).


Herbi and others



Comments for this Error code:

on 2011-04-22 22:11:56 :

MS damages Slim consoles too! See this video:


on 2010-01-16 04:45:29 :

I have this on a console I purchased to refurb. Any ideas on how to correct
without having to use hacked firmware?????


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