General Business Terms

§ 1 Validity & Protection sentence

(1) For sales and orders from this reseller and this internet shop only these specific General Business Terms are valid for the relation between customer and show owner.

(2) Custom General Business Terms are rejected. Custom General Business Terms of customers only become valid if the shop owner gives his explicit written permission.

§ 2 Sales Contract

(1) The plain presentation of items in the internet shop does not display a definite order with a valid sales contract. The customer is just attracted to submit an order with his own consent.

(2) By submitting the order in the Internet-Shop the customer is signing a valid sales contract for the items that the shopping cart contains at this time. By submitting the order the customer also accepts these General Business Terms of the specific reseller.

(3) the shop owner validates that the order was received by sending the customer a validation email. The verification Email however does not mean that the order was accepted by the shop owner yet, it is just an information for the customer that we have received his order. The declaration of the acceptance of the sales contract is given by the delivery of the parcel or an explicit written acceptance letter of the shop owner to the customer.

§ 3 Return rights for Endusers

Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without any obligation to name any reason.

The cancellation period is 14 days from the day you or a third person appointed by you, who is not a member of the delivery organisation, has received the goods. To exercise your right of cancellation you need to inform us (

Jaden Technologies GmbH
Augustastr. 14
47198 Duisburg

Fax: +49 2036 68961016

) about your decision to cancel this contract, by an explicit written message (for example a physical letter, fax or an email).

To keep the cancellation period it is sufficient to send off the message informing us about your cancellation before the end of the cancellation period.

Consequences of your cancellation

If you are canceling this contract, we need to refund all payments which we received from you, including the delivery cost( with the exception of any additional costs, which have been created as a result of your choice of a more expensive shipping method,
than the cheapest standard shipping method offered by us), without delay and at latest within 14 days from the day we received your written notice of the concellation of the contract.
For this refund we will use the same payment method, which you used in your original payment transaction, unless something else has explicitly been agreed on previously; in no case there will be any additional charges by use for this refund.

We can delay the refund until we received the returned goods or until you have produced proof that you have shipped back the goods, which ever is the earliest.

You are to ship or hand over the goods without delay and in any case within 14 days from the day you notified us about the cancellation of this contract. The cancellation period is honored as long as you ship the goods within 14 days.
You, the buyer needs to pay for the delivery charges for the return shipment of the goods.

You must only pay for possible loss of value of goods, if this loss of value is the result of an unnecessary interaction with the goods on your account, which was not part of a check of the state, qualities and functionalities of the goods.

§ 4 Ownership

The delivered goods remain property of the shop owner until the customer has paid the full amount for it.

§ 5 Billing

The payment is binding with the acceptance of the sales contract. The invoice is created in the currency €(EUR). Refunds are always to be made according to the value and currency written on the invoice, independent from the type of payment.

§ 6 Warranty

(1) The warranty rights are according to the guidelines of the law, as long as nothing else was explicitly announced. For compensation demands of the customer because of damages the terms in § 6 of these General Business Terms are valid.

(2) The time range is which customers can claim warranty is 2 years for new goods, for used/2nd hand goods 1 year. If you are a merchant the time range in which you can claim warranty is 1 year for new goods and for used/2nd hand goods 6 months. The before written time ranges for warranty claims dont account for compensation claims of the customer because of damages done to his life, body, health, as well as compensation claims that were a result of not fulfilling the duties pointed out in the contract. Reasonable duties of the contract are such, which are necessary to reach the goal of the contract. The above written shortening of warranty time range claims also is not valid for compensation claims, which were the result of the shop owner not fulfilling his duties outlined in this contract , and of his lawful representatives or employees.

(3) A warranty is not offered by the shop owner.

§ 7 Liability waiver

(1) Compensation claims for damages by the customer are invalid, as long as nothing else was explicitly written. This Liability waiver is also valid for lawful representatives of the shop owner as well as his employees, if the customer should make claims against these.

(2) Not included in the Liability waiver, outlined in 1), are compensation claims because of a violation of life, body, health and basic violations of the contract. Reasonable duties of the contract are such, which are necessary to reach the goal of the contract. Excluded from the Liability waiver is the accountability for damages, which were the result of an intentional or grossly negligent violation of the contract by the shop owner, or his lawful representatives or employees.

(3) The Terms of the Product Liability law (ProdHaftG) remain untouched.

§ 8 Withdrawal and seizing prohibition

The Withdrawal and seizing of the customers rightful claims against the shop owner or demands is invalid, unless the shop owner gives his written permission. The shop owner is only forced to accept it, if the customer can prove a justified interest in the seizing or withdrawal.

§ 9 Recalculation

The customer's right for Recalculation of is only valid, if his request for a recalculation was considered lawful and is not challenged.

§ 10 Law choice & Location of court

(1) For the contract relations of the shop owner and the customer the Rights and Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are valid. The usage of the UN-Salesright is invalid.

(2) The location of court for all lawful matters that resulted out of the contract is the location of the shop owner, as long as the customer is a merchant, a lawful person of the public right and law or a public lawful Special property.

§ 11 Salvatory Sentence
If one of the terms of these General Business Terms should become invalid the other terms stay valid, and the validity of the remaining terms is not changed.



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