Details for Error code E12/0030

Temp sensor problem/ Cold solder joint under CPU

3 red lights

Primary Error code:3 red lights 3 RLOD
E-Code / Secondary Error code:E12 (No Audio/Video) / 0030
Binary/Hex:00001100 / 0x0C -> 12
Known fixes:

1) Replacing the X-Clamps
2) Reflowing the CPU
Concentrate on the CPU.
3) Cutting the CPUs temp sensor trace.

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The temp sensor is not working properly, maybe because it is shorting out (2 bridged solder balls).Or it is broken, then you have to cut the trace...




Comments for this Error code:

on 2015-05-05 21:24:32 :

Try and reflow HANA of this dos'nt work, hana reflow worked for me :D


on 2013-03-22 19:07:15 :

Can also be HANA related on HDMI xbox's.

Had 1 in that was freezing, reflowed gpu and went to 0030, cut temp trace and
was still the same, replaced GPU and still the same, reballed CPU still 0030, so
i re-flowed the HANA as a last resort and BOOM!!!! green lights

so 0030


on 2011-06-25 17:09:44 :

I have found a cold solder on pin 73-74 on the ANA Chip. I soldered the pins and
the problem is solved.


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