Reusable Heat Shield for an Oven Reflow

Wednesday 9th of March 2011
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First thing's first: I am not responsible for what you do. Simple as that.

I made a reusable heat shield and tested it out on 2 junk boards, an hdmi (zephyr) and the non-hdmi xenon. As far as I can tell, both trials went great. No swollen or leaky capacitors.

What i used: Foil and plaster cloth. The plaster cloth or a similar item called rigid wrap can be bought at hobby shops, Joanne Fabrics, Michaels and I'm sure from other places. It's $10 per roll. This one I used is made by Woodland Scenic, in case you need to order it online.
I also used some wax paper.
I would strongly recommended you use a junk board to build this molding on. Otherwise, try to be neat when doing the plaster part. Clean the board very well afterwards.

a pic
At first I used torn jeans and painters tape for more insulation. But the jeans were a pain to work with so I took them out. There was still tape in there. The tape didnt burn.

a pic
Wrap everything you want to protect in foil. I used a few layers. I then put some wax paper down to help keep the board clean.

a pic
Now cut your plaster cloth into strips. Dip a strip into some water, shake out the excess water, then put it over the foil. It's very easy.

a pic
I started with the inside part. Used a few layers. Wet your fingers and you'll be able to blend and adhere the cloths to each other.

a pic
You see why I put wax paper down. Do the whole top and all the sides. Then let it dry over night.

a pic

a pic
Once dry, you can take it right off the board. It keeps its' shape well. The foil stays in there.

a pic
I did another thick layer around the bottom edge. Make it good and thick so you will be able to bend it around the edge/bottom of the board, as shown a few pics down.

a pic
Finally, put a few more layers of foil over it. The cloth holds up very well in the oven. Adding more foil makes it all the better.

a pic
From making the bottom edge thicker, you should now be able to bend it around the edge of the board and onto the bottom of the board a little. Just enough for the heat shield to hold itself over the board. I put long m5 bolts through the board to act as stands. You'll be able to bend and shape the bottom edges of the molding around the bottom of the board.

a pic

a pic

So I pre-heated my oven to 355F. When it got to that temp, i put in the xbox (had it on a flat pan. the bolts held it up so the bottom of the board wasnt on the pan).
After I put the xbox in the oven, I immediatly raised the temp to 450F. I used my meter's thermocouple to read the appx temp inside the oven, just as extra confirmation that the oven is accurate.
It took my oven about 8 minutes to go from 355F to 450F. Once at 450F, I let it be for 4:30 minutes. During this time, my meter read the temps staying between 240C and 250C the whole time. After the 4:30, I turned off the oven and opened the door just a crack. I left everything for a few hours.

a pic

A few hours later: Took the molding off and everything is perfect.

a pic
The best part is knowing I can use this molding over and over again.
I've done this a few more times since first first writing this tut.
- The longest I've ever had a board in the oven was 15 minutes. - -- The board was fine, but I would NOT suggest you leave yours in any longer. Hopefully your oven goes from 355F to 450F faster than mine. Do a test run first. (you don't need anything in the oven for a test run. Just figure out how long it takes to get from 355F to 450F, then add 4:30 minutes. Hopefully it works out to around 10, even 12 minutes will be ok).
- The time and temps are definetly good. I recently fixed a 0013 error. I played BulletStorm from beginning to end with out any errors or video issues.

I hope this helps. This is the easiest and cheapest heat shield I've ever made. I've used it 4 times now and it hasn't let me down.

Src: RobbieRob


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