Power Sources and Mainboard Layout Xbox 360 Slim

Sunday 31st of July 2011
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Author: Wilhelm



Xbox 360 S or Slim Power Source Layout.

This is a more or less detailed power mapping for the Xbox 360 Slim mainboard.
It is handy for people who are looking for certain voltages to hook up fans and the like, for stuff like fans or LEDs you should always use the bottom ones though because they come directly from the power supply other points might not carry enough power.

You can find active and standby spots for the slim mainboard, this can be handy for people with xbox slim consoles that dont switch on, the standby points I found are the ones circled in red, so check if they are there otherwise a surrounding mosfet might have failed, the standby headers are J2C3, J4C1 and J5B1.

The info is presented as-is and we dont guarantee its accuracy so all you do is on your own risk.

Top view:
a pic

On the top view the Slim DVD-Power-header and HDD-Power-header layout are also included for who needs it.

Bottom view:
a pic

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