Cut the CPU temp trace

Friday 21st of November 2008
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Error codes that can be fixed with this method:
PrimarySecondary Error code 
1 red light 1RLOD
2 red lights 2RLOD0011;
3 red lights 3RLOD
4 red lights 4RLOD

Cutting the CPU temperature trace is the last resort to get rid of error 0011 (CPU overheating). In 99% of cases this error is caused by an improper application of thermal compound or an incorrect number of washers.
Only in a very few cases is a faulty temperature sensor causing the error, so double-check everything else before you do this procedure.

Be very careful whilst cutting the trace, if you cut in too deep this will damage other traces. If you slip this might damage other parts easily as well.

- disassembled 360 mainboard (heatsinks must be removed)
- A knife or a scalpel

All you have to do is cut this trace like on this picture, the black stripe symbolizes where you have to cut it.
(The black stripe is in the lower left corner of the picture)

a pic

After that apply thermal compound, etc.

Special thanks for this discovery go to RDC from xbox-scene, he originally figured this out.

Notice: The Tutorials have been done many times and were often successfull, however we cannot guarantee the success and so dont take any responsibility for any damages that might be caused by it, you do it on your own risk!!!



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