Philips Lite-On DG-6M5S BluRay-Drive

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This is a special replacement BluRay-Drive for use in Xbox One S consoles, it is very reliable, only very rarely has laser issues, and generally of good quality.

Which BluRay-Drive do I need? Is this the right one for me?

Please note, you can only use the same vendor and model for a new BluRay-Drive. This means your Xbox's Original BluRay-Drive(look on the label on the Drive) must be one of the following to be compatible with the new Drive sold here:

- LiteOn/PLDS DG-6M5S

Qualitycheck for ever single Drive

There are no "NEW" Drives of this type, however our drives are of good quality taken out of new working consoles, fresh from the factory in China.

The Quality of work in China is usually not as reliable, we get many drives defective on arrival(transport damages or simply just the chinese sellers mixing broken drives into the order).

→ That's why we TEST every single Drive for function, if it does not work, it goes straight back to China.

We are honest with you, so save yourself the hassle having to return your DVD-Drive and buy quality...

Usage in the Xbox One S(READ HERE - Otherwise the Drive WILL NOT PLAY ANY GAMES!)

In order to get this drive working in your xbox you need to do an extra step, otherwise it will not read games. Swapping the circuit boards, that means you take the circuit board out of your original drive and put it in our new drive, then no PC is required but it involves soldering wires, here is a video tutorial showing how to disassemble the xbox:

a pic

Video-Tutorial on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oU3uDiNiTk



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