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8-Pack VGA-RAM Aluminium Heatsinks

Item-No: 413
Weight: 0.018 kg


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Xbox 360 Ramsinks (RAM / HANA /ANA / Southbridge heatsinks) 8-Pack

a pic


Size(bottom part): 14x14mm
Size(upper part): 18x14mm
Height: 6mm

- High quality aluminum heatsinks intended for use on Xbox 360 RAM memory chips, HANA/ANA, and Southbridge chips.

- Strong 3M thermal adhesive layer on bottom ensures they don't fall off when properly installed. Don't worry about them falling off inside the case when the 360 rest vertically.

- Dissipates heat from the chips to help prevent overheating (less chance of RAM or E74 related errors)

- Multiple extended fins provide maximum cooling surface area

*Minor modification of one heatsink may be required to fit when the GPU heatpipe is in the way. Simply hold the heatsink with pliers and use a dremel w/ cutoff wheel in other hand to trim a few fins off.


Step 1:
Clean off any dust/residue on the RAM, HANA/ANA, and Southbridge chips with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Let dry.

Step 2:
Peel off the protection layer from the bottom of the heatsink to reveal the adhesive. Be careful to not touch the adhesive or get it dirty or it will become less adhesive.

Step 3: Carefully place one heatsink on each chip and press straight down from above to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive. Make sure the heatsinks are facing the right direction (as shown in the pics) to ensure maximum airflow across the fins.

Step 4: For proper removal DO NOT just rip off from the chips or you may damage the solder connections in the process. Use a heatgun on low temp to warm up the heatsinks first, then gently pull/wiggle until it releases. Store on a piece of wax paper to keep the adhesive clean until ready to use again.

* The more times you re-use, the less sticky the adhesive will become.

a pica pic


a pica pic


a pica pic


a pica pic




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