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[Xbox PHAT] Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™ X-Clamp Repair Kit (w/Paste + eXtras + Tools)

Item-No: 062
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13.02 €


For use in PHAT/BIG(older) Xbox 360s

This is our newest revision of the Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™ X-Clamp Repair Kit it includes all necessary tools, like screwdrivers, opening tools, and a 5mm metal drill and sand paper for the standoffs, as well as two alcohol wipes to clean off the chip dies!
Furthermore we added some additional eXtras which will further help the cooling of your console and increase the lifetime of the fix, you now get our RAM Pad Cooling Kit and 2 RAM heatsinks as well as 1g of our eXtreme Cool 360 Thermal Compound.
This kit is a compilation of all tools required for the hybrid fix and saves you the money buying these tools separately, over all you would otherwise pay around 40$ for all the parts you get here.

a pica pic


-Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp(TM) backplate with eXtreme-Cool 360(TM) Thermal Pads for CPU/GPU.
8x M5 14mm perfect fit cheese-head metric screws and 40x M5 1mm steel washers
1 gram eXtreme-Cool 360(TM) Gaming Thermal Compound (nano-carbon technology)
1x set Xbox 360 Hybrid eXtreme Foam Shims(TM) GPU&CPU (upgraded for 2011)

New Included Tools and eXtras:
2x RAM/Chipset Aluminum Heatsinks
1x eXtreme-Cool 360(TM) Thermal Pad RAM Cooling Kit 6 pieces (for Ram under GPU heatsink and under mobo)
-Xbox 360 Opener Tool
-Torx T8 and T10 L key
-> The L key can also be used for xbox 360 wireless controllers(got a hole in the middle), and it of course works for all types of case screws, the bigger T10 ones, as well as the small T8 ones(The old red screwdriver isnt in it anymore)
1x sheet of sand paper (to level standoffs in older units)
1x 5mm steel drill bit (needed for enlarging screw holes)
2x alcohol prep wipes (for prepping chips/heatsinks)



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