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[Xbox PHAT]Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™ X-Clamp Repair Kit (w/Paste)

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9.66 €


Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™ X-Clamp Repair Kit (complete w/paste)

Named after the "Extreme" version of "Team HYBRID's Ultimate X-Clamp Fix"(cc).

Fixes most common 3 RROD errors and cool the 360 at the same time.

Now comes WITH 1gram eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal Compound ($2.99 value). Nano Carbon based thermal compound designed for the xbox 360 and other gaming consoles. Thermal conductivity >4.5w/mK.

Features the Xbox 360 Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™ backplate with eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal Pads.

eXtreme-Cool 360(TM) Thermal pads help transfer heat from under the GPU/CPU to the metal chassis. Two smaller thermal pads are included for filling the air gap between the RAM and GPU heatsink.

3M thermal tape ensures the pads won't fall off like competitors imitation models.

Hybrid eXtreme Foam Shims™ for the CPU/GPU made from high quality rubber infused foam composite material that provides the correct pressure and stability. The shims help ensure proper heatsink alignment and protect the dies from cracking due to excess pressure. The shims also spread the pressure from the heatsink over the entire bga chip helping to hold the solder balls in place by preventing lifting/warping at the corners of the chips caused by uneven pressure and several heat/cooling cycles.

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This kit contains:
1x Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™backplate with eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal Pads.
8x M5 14mm perfect fit cheese-head screws
40x M5 1mm steel washers
2x eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal Pads for the RAM under the GPU heatsink
1x set Xbox 360 Hybrid eXtreme Foam Shims™ GPU&CPU (upgraded for 2011)
1 gram eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal Compound (enough for 3-4 consoles)

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This kit requires drilling through the metal chassis for correct installation (drill bit available seperately).

Xbox-experts.com does not make any "no-drill" uniclamp since there is only about 3.75mm between the motherboard and metal chassis making it impossible to clear a screw head, the uniclamp and 2 washers. Any no-drill version would put dangerous pressure on the underside of the motherboard and possibly lead to irreparable damage.

The Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp™, and the eXtreme-Cool 360™ product line described and their design/uses are the intellectual property of the owners of Xboxexperts.com, protected by Common Law trademark rights, and the federal "Lanham Act" (15 USC § 1125); prohibition against commercial misrepresentation of source or origins of goods.



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