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[EC-360™]eXtreme-Cool 360™ 3.5g Thermal Compound

Item-No: 073
Weight: 0.008 kg


3.15 €


Size: 3.5 grams

BIG BULK PACKS, about 4 times as much like the normal ones!

These packs are a fair bit bigger than the smaller ones, note this paste is mainly made of carbon which is very light, so it is a lot more paste than arctic silver for example at 4g.

Easy to use, non-corrosive, and extreme performance make ec-360 an ideal thermal interface material for all gaming comsoles or gaming PCs. Specifically designed for the cooling needs of the Xbox 360 and other gaming machines. Offers highest possible Price/Performance ratio. Designed/tested in USA and Germany and mixed/packaged overseas according to our specs.

Over 1.5 gram of extreme thermal conductive pure Nano-Carbon compounds per syringe blended in a base of other nanometer sized metal oxide particles (silver/aluminum/boron/zinc) and small amount of organosiloxane compounds for ultimate stability and thermal conductance.

Low bleed, non-flowing and low evaporation mean it will not run all over the place or dry out over time. Although it is non viscous, it is very easy to spread out over chips and cleans up easy compared to many other brands.

Extreme operating temperature range....stable performance from -55~300°C without degradation in performance.

With a very high Dielectric constant, it will not short out components...can withstand above 10,000 volts without causing a short!

Low thermal impedance (<0.067-in2/W) is achieved by utilizing an extremely thin bond line at the junction, divided by high thermal conductance (4.5 W/Mk), plus low interfacial resistance equals high efficiency. Lower thermal impedance results in lower junction temperatures. The lower the thermal impedance, the more efficiently heat travels from the heat source to the heatsink.

Lead Free and RoHS/SGS/MSDS certified
(test results available upon request)

Although the compound is totally non-toxic, please mind the following:

Use as a thermal interface material ONLY

Keep out of the reach of children

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contacted, flush with water and get medical attention if irritation persists.

Do not ingest or put into mouth. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth and seek medical attention.



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