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[EC-360™ BLUE] 0.5MM 310x310 Thermalpad 5W/mK for 3D-Printers

Item-No: 421
Weight: 0.15 kg


21.79 €


eXtreme-Cool 360™ Thermal-Pads are high quality Thermoplastic Components with an excellent price-performance ratio.

With an extremely high Thermal Conductivity of 5 W/mK they are the perfect solution for an efficient Heat-Transfer in adverse surface conditions in which the use of Thermal Pastes is not applicable.

Thanks to its high Elasticity and Compression-abilities it perfectly adapts to any tiny surface irregularities.
EC-360™ Thermal Pads are available in densities of 0.5 - 5MM.
Areas of Application are majorly the Cooling of RAM, GPU, CPU, North/Southbridge Chips, as well as electrical components like(MOSFETs, regulators, etc.) manufactured from refined thermoplastic Silicon-Polymer-Compounds. The Thermal Pads also are not electrically conductive and therefore double as an insulator.

This pad is especially made for use in 3D Printers. It is used as an alternative method to keep the glass plate in place which is usually held in place with clamps.

The benefits are that you can attach the plate directly on the thermal pad, the thermal pad is naturally sticky a little bit but just enough to keep the glass plate in place. It allows you to take it off easily when you need to. The other benefit is that the heat transfer is more evenly because this pad is one big piece compared to using many smaller tiles of thermal pads.


Size 310x310 MM (7.88 x 7.88")
Thickness 0.5 MM (0.02")
Thermal Conductivity >5W/mK
Thermal Stability -40 - 200 °C
Density 2.45 g/cm³
Hardness grade 40.0 Shore OO
Expansibility 50%
Tear Resistance 2.942 N/m²
Electrical Stability > 3200 V/mm



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