Repair Kit Upgrades: New GPU Shims 1.3, Better than ever!

posted on June 23, 2012, 11:51 AM by Wilhelm

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After about 2 years of development and tweaking we would like to proudly announce the latest version(1.3) of the GPU Shims for the Hybrid Phat Kits.

A special thanks goes out especially to Shadow-Wizzard who helped a lot with ideas for the design and testing, and also bigwerm.

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The major improvement compared to the older shims is, that it fully covers the ENTIRE chip including the inner bits, this makes the shims by itself a lot more reliable and you need to tweak less as pressure is applied literally in every tiny gap there is it fully fills it out. We found it helps a lot with E74s, 0020s and some bitchy 0102s.

Another minor improvement also the material is a bit more dense, we changed the structure and mixture a bit, so that it stays strong over time.

Unfortunately there are some copy cats these days, we intentionally waited with the release a little bit until they started production, so to all the copy cats out there, have fun with your old stock and copying our new shims + claiming you came up with the idea....

To our customers we appeal, keep trusting quality and support the people who came up with the ideas, our kits are cheaper and better, keep an eye out that whatever you buy includes our new shims, kits with old shims are likely counterfeit items and make sure the sellers are affiliated with XE.



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